PODCAST: Adjusting Strategy and Resources in Rural Hospitals During COVID-19 with Draffin Tucker

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Draffin Tucker Partners Sarah Dekutowski and Jeff Askey recently appeared on the new AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast by the American Hospital Association. The goal of the association is to bring healthcare front and center. In exclusive interviews, AHA leaders check in with AHA Associates, learn how they are supporting AHA member hospital and health systems, and discuss the latest developments in the field.

Listen to Episode 4 with Sarah and Jeff – Adjusting Strategy and Resources in Rural Hospitals During COVID-19: Kathleen Wessel, VP, Business Management and Operations with AHA, discusses rural health care with Jeff Askey and Sarah Dekutowski, partners with Draffin Tucker. Rural and critical access hospitals and health systems often face different challenges than larger health systems, especially in light of COVID-19. As a full-service CPA and advisory firm serving the health care field, Draffin Tucker can speak to the challenges and nuances of rural health care.

For a full archive of AHA Associates Bringing Value episodes, visit aha.org/associate-program/podcasts.