Partner Cindy DuPree Speaks on New 340B Drug Program Guidance to GAPHC

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Draffin & Tucker partner, Cindy DuPree, spoke to the Georgia Association for Primary Health Care on the new 340B drug program guidance during their annual conference on October 13-15, 2015. During the presentation, Cindy discussed the pressure on 34oB drug program participants with the increase of HRSA audits. She also shared some of the findings of those HRSA audits which show that CHC adverse findings are higher than other entities over the last two years.

Cindy gave seminar participants several examples of incorrect 340B database records and shared recommendations to ensure organizations are meeting guidelines set forth by the new mega rule. Cindy recommended healthcare organizations have annual independent audits performed, and that organizations also conduct self-audits on a regular basis.

For more information on ensuring your healthcare organization is in compliance with the 340B drug program, please contact Cindy DuPree at or (404) 220-8494.