New Documentation Requirements for Filing Medicare Cost Reports

The following documentation must be submitted with the Medicare cost report for cost reporting periods beginning on or after October 1, 2018.  Submissions that do not include the required documentation will be rejected for lack of supporting documentation.

  1. Teaching hospitals must include Intern and Resident Information System (IRIS) data.
  2. Providers claiming Medicare bad debt reimbursement must include a detailed bad debt listing that corresponds to the amount claimed.
  3. Providers claiming a disproportionate share hospital (DSH) payment adjustment must include a detailed listing of Medicaid-eligible days that corresponds with the days claimed.
  4. DSH-eligible hospitals reporting charity care and/or uninsured discounts must include a detailed listing that corresponds to the amounts claimed on Worksheet S-10. Until a standard format is adopted, the list should include patient name, dates of service, insurer, and the charity and/or uninsured discount amount.
  5. Providers claiming costs allocated from a home office or chain organization will be rejected if the home office or chain organization has not submitted a Home Office Cost Statement to the chain provider’s servicing contractor that corresponds to the costs reported by the provider when the provider and its home office have the same fiscal year end or that corresponds to some portion of the amounts allocated when the fiscal year ends differ.

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