Lisa Gilmore, Jeff Askey and Charles Horne Author, “Changes To Medicare Operating Dsh Payments,” for Winter 2014 Issue of Bama Chatter Newsletter

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Draffin & Tucker’s Lisa GilmoreJeff Askey and Charles Horne authored the article, “Changes to Medicare Operating DSH Payments,” for the Winter 2014 issue of Bama Chatter, the Alabama Chapter of HFMA’s newsletter. Under the old DSH method, hospitals qualified for a DSH payment adjustment considering their Medicare utilization of beneficiaries who also receive Supplemental Security Income benefits and their Medicaid utilization. Beginning with discharges occurring on or after Oct. 1, 2013, operating DSH has been split into two separate payments: 25 percent based on the old payment methodology plus an allocation from a new Medicare DSH uncompensated care pool. Several hospitals are receiving an increase in DSH payments during FFY 2014 due to this reallocation.

Hospitals need to be doing all they can to ensure they get their share of the allocation regardless of the amount to be allocated.

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