Jeremy Wilson Authors Article on Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management for Estate Planning Magazine

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Tax manager Jeremy Wilson authored the article “Expand Wealth with Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management,” for the December 2014 issue of Estate Planning. Over the years, high net worth families have implemented a variety of estate planning strategies to mitigate the estate tax bill at the passing of each generation. While significant time, energy and money is spent on developing and implementing this plan, the investment strategy and income tax planning for investments may be lost.

There are specific considerations that are often omitted for high net worth families with complex estate plans. This article discusses some of those considerations and the strategies that can be implemented.

Wilson writes, “A critical step in developing a truly tax-efficient portfolio is identifying the proper buckets to house the various asset classes. In outlining the structure, assets are bifurcated into two broad classes—those included in the taxable estate and those removed from the taxable estate. Within these two groups, there is further division based on income tax treatment and transfer tax attributes.”

For more information on developing a tax-efficient portfolio, including a properly structured asset allocation model, please contact Jeremy Wilson at or 404-220-8494.