FFY 2018 Wage Index Initial PUF Review and Timeline

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently posted the preliminary unaudited FFY 2018 wage index public use file on their website. The file contains Worksheet S-3, Parts II and III wage data and occupational mix survey data. All hospitals are required to verify the accuracy of their wage data, including their Allowable Defined Benefit Pension cost, as defined by CMS.

A hospital that wishes to correct or revise its data must deliver its request along with complete, appropriate, and detailed documentation to their Medicare Administrative Contractor’s (MAC) office no later than September 2, 2016. Requests received after this date will not be accepted by the MAC. This will be the last opportunity for providers to initiate revisions to their data for the FFY 2018 wage index.

The current preliminary timetable published by CMS:

  • September 2, 2016 – Deadline to request revisions to the wage data.
  • November 15, 2016 – MAC desk review deadline.
  • January 30, 2017 – Posting of the revised PUF.
  • February 17, 2017 – deadline to request revisions to adjustments included in the PUF or errors in the PUF due to MAC mishandling of the wage index data.
  • March 24, 2017 – MACs must send written notifications to hospitals that requested revisions on or before February 17, 2017.
  • April 5, 2017 – Deadline to request CMS intervention to corrections not addressed.
  • April 28, 2017 release of final FFY 2018 wage index and occupational mix PUF.
  • May 30, 2017 – Deadline to appeal CMS or MAC mishandling of the final FFY 2018 wage index and occupational mix PUF.
  • August 1, 2017 –Publication of FY 2018 final rule.
  • October 1, 2017 – effective date of FY 2018 wage index.

If you would like assistance in reviewing your facility’s wage index data contained in the public use file, please contact our Albany office at (229) 883-7878 or our Atlanta office at (404) 220-8494.