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Campus Recruiting
Stephen M. Bedsole, CPA

Steve Bedsole, ’83
Partner in Charge of the Atlanta Office, Dothan, AL

I was fortunate when graduating that an abundance of opportunities for accounting graduates were available, from small local firms to large national firms.

However, I was looking for a mid to large size firm offering experiences in many areas of public accounting, without the seven days a week sun up to sun down commitment. Finding that firm with a culture similar to what I valued seemed a difficult task. After many interviews, I found that firm in Draffin & Tucker, LLP.

As a young graduate, your focus is more on getting a job at a business or firm that offers good compensation, benefits, and quality of life (at work and home). You often don’t think of things you should consider, like the firm’s history, growth, career path, etc. I know I didn’t. Since joining Draffin & Tucker, LLP, the firm has grown 500% in revenues, expanded office locations, and increased the number of personnel. During the downturn in the economy several years back, while many firms were letting staff go, we were hiring. All of our growth and expansion has been organic, in other words, not by mergers or acquisitions. We have been able to sustain growth and keep our valued culture intact.

I started in Albany, Georgia and worked there 28 years. I was one of seven chosen to start the Atlanta, Georgia office. My wife and I joke that we avoided Atlanta out of college. However, after moving here, we love it! Whatever you may enjoy, there is plenty of it to do in or around Atlanta.

Troy University was good to my wife and me. We enjoy coming back to visit our fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters. We are able to give back to it financially and particularly enjoy giving back to the accounting department.

Valerie C. Bowron, CPA

Valerie Bowron, ’07
Manager, Prattville, AL

I chose Draffin Tucker because of the people, and I felt it was a good fit for me.

I loved the laid back atmosphere and that it was such a family-oriented firm. Being recently married, and with a growing family in my future, the atmosphere was very important to me.

One of my favorite things about working at Draffin Tucker is that there is always something new on the horizon. It’s not the normal redundant desk job you think of when “accounting” comes to mind. There are many opportunities available to grow personally and professionally.

I have enjoyed living in Albany. It is a great place to raise a family, and I have gained many friends here within the firm and in the community. I am a member of the Junior League of Albany, GA, Inc. and have served on the board as Treasurer for the last two years. There are numerous civic organizations to be a part of and opportunities to volunteer your time to better your community.

Troy holds a very special place in my heart and will forever. I met my husband there and both our families have season tickets to all the games. We enjoy going back and tailgating with our families and catching up with friends. I proudly wear my Trojan jersey to every home game!!

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Jake D. Kitchens, CPA

Jake Kitchens, ’10
Manager, Troy, AL

I chose DT because of the small firm feel. Everyone in the office knew each other and was very friendly. Employees are not “just a number.”

The thing I love most about DT today is the numerous resources I have at my disposal. From interns all the way up to the partners, everyone always has time to stop and teach. We all have many things to learn, and with the amount of knowledge in our buildings, it’s never hard to find the right answer to a question you may have.

I love the amount of activities and the food of Atlanta. There is always something you can do, whether a weeknight or weekend. The food here is amazing. There are so many restaurants, you could eat somewhere different every night and never be disappointed.

I attend multiple football games at Troy every year. I enjoy going back and seeing the campus and the many improvements the University is always making.

Rebecca McKinley

Ashton Hinson, ’20
Staff Assistant, Wicksburg, AL

Draffin Tucker was warm and welcoming. They truly took their mission and values to heart. I remember thinking, “If this is how they treat a prospective employee, I can only imagine they treat their staff and clients the same way.”

I knew immediately that Draffin Tucker would be the perfect fit for me, and I would strive every day to be the best fit for them.

Draffin Tucker takes great responsibility in recruiting the right people for their firm. As a new hire, you are eager to jump in and get started. However, even though Draffin Tucker decided you had the qualities it takes to be here, their participation in your career does not stop there. Every level of professional is committed to your success. The staff at Draffin Tucker truly believes that no question is a stupid question. You can ask as many as you want and still be greeted with a smile. No matter how busy someone is, they will stop what they are doing to help someone in need of guidance.

I have always heard that living on Georgia time was better, but I secretly always thought that statement was strange. Why would I want to be somewhere that is an hour ahead of my hometown? That means waking up earlier. However, I can now say that I know what the saying is talking about. I was amazed by how different somewhere so close to my hometown could be. Yes, everyone is still busy. However, everyone I have met seems to be very present in the moment. I would say that it seems like a slower pace of life, but that would be incorrect. The pace is the same, the people are just better and seem to value work-life balance at a higher level.

I am not a big sports person. However, I cannot miss a year without watching the Troy VS South Alabama football game. I still have faith that we will eventually bring home the W. Go Trojans!

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Rebecca McKinley

Rebecca McKinley, ’04
Partner, Atmore, AL

After interviewing with several firms and visiting several offices, I realized the atmosphere and culture varied greatly among firms.

However, one firm was very different from the others. From the personalities at the social to the atmosphere at the office, I knew Draffin Tucker was a great fit for me. Everyone was very laid back and personable. My husband was even impressed with how family-oriented and friendly Draffin Tucker is.

Being employed with Draffin Tucker has only reinforced my initial impression. The employees and clients of Draffin Tucker really do treat you like family. I have developed many great relationships during my time here.

Coming from a small town and living in Troy, which used to be a small town, I enjoy the convenience of living in Albany and having everything I need within a short distance, without all of the traffic attributed to a larger city. My family and I have made lasting friendships and have enjoyed living in Albany.

I am proud to be a graduate of Troy University. We try to watch all of the football games or at least catch the score if it is not televised. We also enjoy going back for home games and sharing the experience with our children.

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Becki F. Shaughnessy, CPA

Becki Shaughnessy, ’04
Manager, Reform, AL

I was originally attracted to the size of the firm and the town of Albany.

After my office interview, I realized the people of Draffin Tucker make the job even more desirable.

Today, I enjoy working with all of the firm’s great clients and great employees.

I am a big supporter of Troy University and enjoy tailgating whenever our schedule allows. Each season, I go to as many football games as I can, including traveling to South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida.

Laura J. Stair, CPA

Laura Stair, ’07
Manager, Jasper, AL

I chose DT because of the people, size, and location. From entry-level staff all the way up to partners, everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable during the recruiting process.

I liked the size of the firm because it is small enough so that you know everyone’s name (and they know yours) but large enough to allow opportunities to work in different areas. I knew I didn’t want to live in a big city, so the size and location of Albany was perfect for me.

I enjoy working at DT because of the laid back atmosphere. While we have our busy seasons and quick deadlines, we never lose sight of the important things outside of work (families, civic activities, etc). DT invests in its people by providing them with opportunities for growth as an accountant, community involvement, and participation in industry associations.

I enjoy living in Albany because it is a larger city with a small-town feel. It is close enough to everything (beaches, mountains) so that a quick weekend getaway is possible. Also, you don’t have to deal with the traffic and congestion of a big city.

Because Albany is so close to Troy, I am able to attend many football games during the season. Whenever I travel to or through Troy, I always make a point to drive through campus to see all the ongoing changes. I am a lifetime member of the Troy Alumni Association and display my Trojan pride year around on my car with my Troy alumni license plate.