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Campus Recruiting
Cheryl Glover

Nicole Barlev, ’20 
Associate Accountant I,  Marietta, GA

The firm culture really drew me in with its family-oriented atmosphere.

I like the feeling of being connected to those around me – being able to reach out and become part of something larger while feeling like I fit in.

I love how diverse Atlanta is. It is a melting pot for people and cultures to intermingle while being able to try many types of foods and meet unique people that you may miss out on in a smaller town.

Cheryl Glover

Arliss Barrameda, ’20 
Associate Accountant I, Victorville, CA

I really enjoyed the people I met during the interview and how I was able to learn more about Draffin Tucker’s primary business operations throughout the interview.

Moreover, I was thoroughly pleased to have met Miles Espy, who had come from the Albany office to interview me personally. The care Draffin Tucker takes in ensuring that employees are well-suited for work also made me feel like Draffin Tucker could be my new home away from home.

I really enjoy the people I work with and how friendly and helpful they are. My first day on the job, I went to lunch with a few coworkers who were in the office that day, and I was able to learn more about them, what they like, and what their aspirations were in life. I believe that a tight-knit group can really come together and solve problems that an individual cannot solve alone.

I love that Atlanta has the bustling city vibe like New York, but still has plenty of land, trees, and interesting cities to explore around it, allowing people to learn more about the rustic side of the South. After having moved here from San Diego, California, I additionally enjoy that beach cities are just a weekend trip away. I’ve been to Charleston, Panama City, and Nashville, but I never tire of returning back to the lively city of Atlanta, which I have called home since middle school.

Cheryl Glover

Caity Dorward, ’18
Consultant,  Woodstock, GA

I chose Draffin Tucker because of the great benefits and flexible schedule.

Draffin Tucker is a great team that encourages work life balance.

Cheryl Glover

David Doucette, ’20
Senior Accountant,  Buffalo, NY

I chose Draffin Tucker because of their close-knit culture. I got the sense immediately that the firm cares about investing in its employees. I knew this was true because of their strong commitment to developing from within.

What is great about Draffin Tucker today is the wealth of opportunities for learning and growth. From day one, employees are challenged and given personal responsibility. I also appreciate the team-oriented environment and the friendly colleagues and clients I get the opportunity to work with.

I love living near Atlanta for the slightly faster pace, the food, and the people. There is always something to do in Atlanta. Some of my personal favorites would be going to Braves or Atlanta United games, concerts, biking around Piedmont Park, or floating down the Chattahoochee River.

I still live right down the street from Kennesaw State, and I wear plenty of Owls gear! My wife is beginning her Master’s degree at KSU in the fall, so I guess we haven’t had enough yet. Hopefully we will get to attend our first football games as Alumni sometime soon!