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Campus Recruiting
Jim L. Creamer, CPA, CFE

Jim Creamer, ’88
Partner, Vidalia, GA

I chose Draffin & Tucker for several reasons. I liked the Partners, who all seemed to be down to earth and genuinely concerned about the associate’s well-being.

I also liked the fact that Draffin & Tucker was a recognized leader in the healthcare industry, while not being a part of the larger metropolitan areas where most regional and national firms reside.

I enjoy living in the Albany area because of its simple lifestyle with close access to the larger cities and beaches. In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my family and working on my farm, riding tractors and raising horses.

My time and experience with Draffin & Tucker over the past 25 years have allowed me the opportunity to be a part of GSU’s accounting advisory council and a frequent speaker at various GSU recruiting events. I enjoy the chance to give back.


Merrit Garnto, ’14
Supervisor, Leesburg, GA

Draffin & Tucker makes you feel at home. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

Everyone is willing to help and wants you to succeed. D&T is truly a team and everyone works together to get a job done.

I love that I can get to work in five minutes. I also like that I can be at the beach in two hours!

I enjoy going back to Georgia Southern for football games. GO EAGLES!

Benjamin J. Glass, CPA

Ben Glass, ’11
Manager, Leesburg, GA

I chose Draffin & Tucker because of the people and the culture the firm offers.

I believe Draffin & Tucker is a one-of-a-kind accounting firm. The environment and culture allow for a rewarding and challenging career, as well as a balanced personal life.

Albany is a great town for people who enjoy a laid back lifestyle without the drawbacks of big cities. The small town feel mixed with the great people of South Georgia make Albany a great place to live.

My wife and I are both alumni of Georgia Southern and we love going to football games in the fall. We are still active in our related Greek organizations.

Stephen D. Harrell, CPA

Stephen Harrell, ’07
Partner in Training, Leesburg, GA

I chose to interview with Draffin & Tucker because, as a native of the Albany area, I knew Draffin & Tucker had a great reputation and was a well-respected business in the community.

After interviewing and touring the office, I realized the respect was well deserved. The employees, from the most senior partners to the new staff, were extremely welcoming during my visit, and it was this environment that helped me finalize my decision to accept a position with the firm.

Draffin & Tucker is a great place to work because of the people. The resources and opportunities for career development and education stand out and allow willing individuals to grow in the profession and become an expert in focused business sectors. The opportunity to learn from more experienced individuals and use what you learn to assist clients with their needs is my favorite aspect of my job.

I enjoy living in the Albany area because it allows me to be close to both my family and my wife’s family. I enjoy spending time outdoors and the Albany area is saturated with plantations and undeveloped areas that offer opportunities for hunting and other outdoor activities.

I really enjoyed my time at Georgia Southern and was fortunate to meet some great people that I proudly call my closest friends. I enjoy returning to Statesboro every chance I get and am proud of the growth and accomplishments of the University.

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Heather H. Jamison

Heather H. Jamison, ’11
Consultant, Duluth, GA

I instantly felt at home after meeting associates at the firm.

Their genuine nature and outgoing personalities reaffirmed my decision to choose Draffin & Tucker.

Every day here is different and I’m surrounded by amazing people that understand the concept of work-life balance.

Since I grew-up in the Atlanta suburbs, I enjoy exploring the city of Atlanta for scenic running routes and unique shops.

The local Atlanta Georgia Southern Alumni Association is very active. During football season we get together to watch Georgia Southern games at various hotspots in Atlanta. My Georgia Southern friends and I have made it a tradition to go to the homecoming game every year to reconnect with old friends and enjoy the experience of being Georgia Southern Alumni.

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Darin M. Lane, CPA

Darin M. Lane, ’09
Manager, Hoboken, GA

One of the most important reasons I chose Draffin & Tucker was the quality of people in the company.

I learned early on at Georgia Southern, while working on a BAM project, the people you surround yourself with determine how well you can perform and how much you will enjoy what you do. I knew I had to find a firm with people whom I would enjoy working, and I found this at Draffin & Tucker.

While I believe the people are the greatest asset of Draffin & Tucker, another important item I’ve noticed that sets us apart is our work-life balance. Many staff and younger professionals in CPA firms are required to work so much and give up so much in their personal lives that they tend to leave public accounting all together after a couple of years. Draffin & Tucker creates an environment that fosters success, one way being a favorable work-life balance, so each staff member can grow and become future leaders in the company.

I’m from a very small town with one red light, so living in Atlanta has been a big change. However, I have truly enjoyed the city and living in Midtown. I like riding MARTA to the office and having the convenience to avoid all the day-to-day traffic. I enjoy going to live music events, from restaurants to sold-out concerts at Philips Arena.

For those who know me and understand my obsession with cars, they will recognize how big of a deal it is that I have a Georgia Southern tag and tag cover on my car. I attended homecoming last year and look forward to attending more football games in the fall.

Elisabeth Pak

Elisabeth L. Pak, ’15
Associate Accountant II, Hoboken, GA

I chose Draffin & Tucker because of the people.

Accounting work is going to be the same almost everywhere you go, therefore I chose to make it better by surrounding myself with people I enjoy hanging out with. If you enjoy what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life.

At Draffin & Tucker it’s all about the people – they pride themselves on recruiting the best. The best doesn’t necessarily mean that a person was the top of their class in college, it means that the person is well rounded and personable. I really love the friends I’ve made here. I don’t just hang out with my co-workers during office hours, I also go out after work and on the weekends to be with them. I feel as though that friends I’ve made here will be with me throughout my life. Here at D&T, we are a family.

Living in Atlanta, I have to admit that the traffic is horrible, but it is balanced out by the numerous opportunities that Atlanta presents. There is the Fox Theater, concerts, football games at Tech (if you’re a fan) and countless other events to enjoy. Also, the food! Atlanta has a huge variety of places to dine.

When I was a grad student at Georgia Southern, I worked as Graduate Assistant in the dean’s office and still speak with my friends I made while there. I have a strong connection to the dean and his admin along with all the admins in each department, particularly the accounting department. When given the opportunity, I go to Statesboro to meet up with them, and to visit my sister who attends GSU.

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Kate D. Randall, CPA

Kate Randall, ’09
Manager, Statesboro, GA

The office visit is the reason I chose to work at Draffin & Tucker.

Everyone I met was welcoming and I knew I would enjoy working for D&T.

The office is a relaxed environment. Everyone is willing to help if you have a problem. You are also given the opportunity to work in different areas of accounting.

I like living in Albany because of the small town feeling. It’s easy to get where you need to go and the town is big enough you can shop at places other than Wal-Mart.

I go to the football games to cheer my team, and I tour the campus when I can to see how much everything has changed.

Ryan Chancey

Ryan Chancey, ’15
Senior Accountant, Alma, GA

I chose to work for Draffin & Tucker because of how welcoming and down-to-earth the people were.

Everyone is understanding, and it feels like you are part of a big family. The work life balance is great.

Albany is a great size town that offers everything but the traffic of a bigger city. Albany offers numerous outdoor activities and is also very close to the Gulf, which is where I try to go anytime I get the chance.

I am a member of the local alumni association, and represent the real GSU on my vehicles and boats. Hail Southern!

Kira Griffith

Kira Griffith, ’17
Associate Accountant I, Roswell, GA

Draffin & Tucker has so many great aspects: Family environment with an open door policy where you can ask anyone anything, a great work/life balance, great location, time for studying for the CPA, and a flexible schedule.

The kindness of everyone who works here. The people I work with make my first full-time job much less intimidating. Everyone really seems to care about how I’m doing both at work and outside of work. I also like the independence I get as a new member of the Draffin & Tucker team. My work is looked at once I’m done, but there isn’t someone watching over my shoulder.

I love the proximity of the Atlanta office to my family and friends. I like to float down the Chattahoochee, go to Braves and Atlanta United games, take mini-vacations, go hiking, and go to Lake Lanier.

I don’t have much of a connection to Statesboro in any place other than my heart. I love it there and if I have the opportunity to move back one day, I’d love to. I’m going to try to go to some football and basketball games this year because I loved going to those when I was a student.

connor gibbs FNL

Conner Gibbs, ’17
Associate Accountant I, Thomasville, GA

Draffin & Tucker has a work-life balance which was very important to me.

They have a way of making their employees feel at home.

No matter the level of people in the office, you can talk directly to anyone. The open-door policy makes the workplace more comforting for young staff.

Albany is close to home. It has the small town feel with low cost of living. There isn’t any traffic. I live 13 miles from the office and it only takes 15 minutes to get to work.

I am still attending graduate school through Georgia Southern’s online MAcc program. I am also a member of the GSU Alumni Association.

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