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Campus Recruiting
Auburn Grad Keara Dowling, ’09 Manager Huntsville, AL

Keara Dowling, ’09
Manager, Huntsville, AL

I chose Draffin & Tucker when I was a MAc student at Auburn because I knew that the people here would truly care about helping me grow and succeed both personally and professionally.

During my interview, the managing partner told me that he believes choosing Draffin & Tucker is not just the start of a job, it’s the beginning of a career here, because the firm provides many opportunities to take on new and greater responsibilities.

Draffin & Tucker is a great place to work because it’s small enough that you can know everyone at the firm and really stand out when you’re doing a good job, but it’s big enough that you can have a variety of experiences. The partners are also very accessible, even to first-year staff, and it’s not uncommon to work with them directly, which is a great way to learn.

I love living in Atlanta because it is close to both my hometown and Auburn, and there are many options for dining, shopping and entertainment. I really enjoy going to concerts, Braves games and festivals.

I am a Life Member of the alumni association and enjoy participating in Atlanta Auburn Club events. I also love returning to campus anytime I can to attend band performances and football and baseball games, and I proudly sport an Auburn University Marching Band sticker and National Champions license plate frame on my car!

Auburn Grad Garrett Wilson, CPA

Garrett Wilson, ’16
Accounting Associate II, Birmingham, AL

Part of the recruiting process with Draffin & Tucker included an office visit which allowed me, the candidate, to gain an understanding of both the work environment and the type of personal interactions an employee could expect on a day-to-day basis.

As for the work environment, I found the office, which showed a healthy balance between playful, professional, and a fast-paced work ethic, to be quite intriguing. Moreover, I enjoyed meeting each of the employees, who were very friendly and showed a large amount of interest in my being there. While visiting the office, it quickly became clear to me that every worker was seen and treated as a valuable member of the Draffin & Tucker team.

After having the opportunity to spend some time on the Draffin & Tucker team, I have found that the most attractive quality held by the firm is its ability to maintain a healthy work environment and a family feel. While the work of any CPA firm can be challenging and stress inducing, Draffin & Tucker manages to counteract those traits with friendly conversations and considerate behavior. Whether interacting with a coworker, a partner, or a client, you can always find that the D&T family brings a level of support, respect, and positive attitude to any situation.

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to work in both the Atlanta and Albany offices. I found that Albany had a laid-back feel that was nothing less than relaxing. While it was smaller than Atlanta, which many places are, Albany offers a variety of ways to enjoy oneself both after work and on the weekends. As for Atlanta, I love the city life. There is always something new to try and somewhere new to explore. I currently live in Midtown which means I live very close to many of Atlanta’s attractions, such as the Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, Top Golf, Bobby Dodd Stadium, and much more.

I am extremely proud to be an Auburn graduate. I was heavily involved on campus during my time as an Auburn student, and I continue to stay in touch with many of the friends I made in the process. I try to make several trips back a year to visit friends and family and to attend some of the sporting events.

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W. Pete Gosnell, CPA

Pete Gosnell, ’04
Manager, Memphis, TN

I chose Draffin & Tucker because I really enjoyed the people I met at the firm and knew that I wanted to stay in the Southeast.

I also knew that I wanted the lifestyle of working for a regional or local accounting firm.

One of my favorite parts of the day-to-day at Draffin & Tucker is working with clients to help them make better decisions on how to run their business and help them prepare for what is coming in the healthcare industry.

Atlanta is a great city to live in as there is so much to do and see. The people are friendly and there is always something to do or see. The opportunities in Atlanta are endless.

I am a member of the Auburn alumni club and go back for two or three football games a year. I proudly show off my Auburn pride with an Auburn license plate.

Auburn Grad Jeffrey S. Wright, CPA

Jeff Wright, ’90
Managing Partner, Pensacola, FL

I chose Draffin & Tucker because I was impressed with the personality of the firm and believed that the firm was committed to investing in its people.

I wanted to begin my career with a place that I could have the potential to stay long-term and I believed D&T was such a place.

Ever since I began with D&T, the reasons I chose this firm have only been reinforced. D&T is about long-term relationships with both clients and its personnel. I enjoy the rewards of that commitment.

My wife and I have made some great friends in Albany over the last twenty years. As our children are now teenagers, I see them forming bonds with their peers as well.

I believe in Auburn and the quality of students it produces. I now serve on Auburn’s School of Accountancy Advisory Board.

Savannah Spraggins, CPA

Savannah Spraggins, ’15
Senior Accountant, Albany, GA

I chose Draffin & Tucker because everyone was so welcoming on my office visit and made me feel like I was already a part of the Draffin & Tucker family before I had even received an offer.

It was very apparent to me that this was a company that truly cares for its employees and that was the type of company I wanted as my employer.

I love being here at Draffin & Tucker because I enjoy the people that I work with and I also get to call them my friends. It also makes a huge difference when you enjoy the work that you are doing which is true for me here at Draffin & Tucker.

Living in Albany is important to me because it is my hometown and all my family is here. I like to hang out or go to dinner with my family and friends. I also love shopping at all the local businesses that come with living in a smaller town!

My parents started buying season football tickets when I started school at Auburn. I think they probably wanted an excuse to come visit me every weekend in the fall, but now that I have graduated and am back at home, we still buy tickets and love going to the games together. It has become some of my favorite memories.

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Miles V. Espy Sr., CPA

Miles Espy, ’91
Partner, Headland, AL

Upon graduation, I had opportunities to onboard with national CPA firms, but as I learned about their environments, I knew that on a long-term basis it was not the right fit for me.

After considerable thought and prayer, and as I learned about the culture and the high-quality services and clients of Draffin & Tucker, I knew that I would get great experience with the firm and that it would enhance my career. I also believed that Draffin & Tucker would be an environment in which I could work my entire career.  After starting with the firm in 1991, it has been my only employer as a professional accountant, and I became a Partner with the firm in 2001.  I saw the opportunity for advancement as I evaluated Draffin & Tucker, and I can see those same opportunities available to young professionals beginning their careers with our firm today.

In addition to providing a challenging and rewarding professional career, Draffin & Tucker has a family atmosphere that was birthed in our small-city roots in Albany and has transitioned nicely into our Atlanta office.

Albany is a great place to enjoy a nice quality of life.  The short commute times of 10 to 15 minutes afford you the opportunities to enjoy “small town” living, while having an enriching professional career.  During my tenure here, this pace of living has allowed me to enjoy sports and recreation activities with friends after work, be involved with my children as my wife and I began a family (including coaching my children in sports), and be actively involved in many civic and church activities.  The best part about Albany is that it is only a two-hour drive from Auburn, so it is easy to get back to the Plains anytime you desire.

Albany is also home to the Southwest Georgia Auburn Alumni Association, which is a very active Chapter.  Its signature event is the Cleve Wester Scholarship Hunt, where current coaches and yesterday’s gridiron heroes participate in hunts on area quail plantations.  The event is highlighted by a dinner where the coaches address the club and there is an auction of Auburn memorabilia enjoyed by all.  I am member of Tigers Unlimited and a season ticketholder to the football, basketball and baseball programs.  Nothing beats a day on the Plains.  In addition, the vehicles that I drive are typically orange or blue, and I am known throughout the community for my Auburn spirit.  I have a framed print of the Auburn Creed in my office and reflect on it from time to time.  I believe in Auburn and love it!  It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!

Haley Bass, CPA

Haley Bass, ’16
Accounting Associate I, Montgomery, AL

My office visit played a huge part in my decision process in coming to work for Draffin & Tucker. I met with many people in Albany, and everyone I met with was super nice and very welcoming.

Being a new person in any office, it is difficult to get started and learn your way around the office, software, and procedures in general. Here at Draffin & Tucker I always feel like there is someone nearby who is always willing to help, even with the smallest tasks. I have never felt like I couldn’t go to someone with any type of question, everyone is so helpful and doesn’t mind taking the time to make sure you understand what you are doing.

I never was a big city type of person, so to me, it was an obvious choice to be in Albany. I love how convenient everything is.

My husband and I still love going back to Auburn and walking around campus and downtown. We watch every football game on TV and still occasionally get tickets to some games too. War Eagle!