Draffin Tucker Benefits

Our firm provides competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package for our employees. As supported by industry surveys, we strive to exceed expectations in the benefits we provide. For example, we pride ourselves in work-life balance and the benefits in this area demonstrate our commitment. A recent survey of CPA firms reveal the 11 annual holidays our employees enjoy exceed the industry average and place us in the top 5% of all CPA firms nation-wide.

At Draffin Tucker, our employee benefits demonstrate that we care for our employees just as they care for our clients.

A summary listing of our benefits include:

Salaries – Competitive salaries are provided to all employees.

Sick Leave – We believe our employees are professionals and deserve to be treated as professionals. With that in mind, we do not have a formal sick leave policy. Our long-term approach to investing in our employees recognizes that illness or other personal requirements will arise. In those instances, we believe our employees will continue to use professional judgment and will return to work as their circumstances allow. Whether something minor or catastrophic happens, you can count on your family at Draffin Tucker.

Annual Holidays – 11 annual holidays are enjoyed by all, and this includes a full week at Christmas.

Vacation – Staff members enjoy vacation on a sliding scale based upon years of service.

401(k) Retirement Plan – You may defer a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis up to IRS limitations. Draffin Tucker will match dollar for dollar the first 3% of your annual contribution.

Flex Schedule – As a commitment to work-life balance, in situations that meet your individual needs and our firm needs, we will accommodate a flexible schedule.

Flexible Spending Plan – We offer a cafeteria plan which allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain medical and dependent care expenses

Medical Plan – Our firm pays 100% of the health insurance premium for our employees. Spouse and dependent coverage is available. In addition, the firm makes a contribution to each participating employee’s health savings account.

Life Insurance – Life insurance in the amount of two times your annual salary is provided.

Disability Insurance – This important benefit is provided by Draffin Tucker for all full-time employees.

Professional Growth & Development Opportunities – Annual Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours are provided to promote professional growth and development. We have various delivery methods of CPE allowing the education and training to best be tailored to your training needs and objectives. The opportunities for advancement are great.

Professional Fees – Our firm pays all applicable professional fees, licensure and continuing education costs associated with your employment.

Time off for CPA Examination – Draffin Tucker allows up to six personal days off per year to sit for the CPA examination.

CPA Review Course – Draffin Tucker offers financial assistance for those undergoing review courses for the CPA examination.

Mentoring Process – In order to facilitate the personal and professional development of each of our team members, a structured mentoring process is in place.

Paid Parking – We provide 100% of your parking at our offices.

Family Atmosphere – Firm gatherings for the employees and family members are enjoyed during holiday and busy season gatherings.

Supported Volunteering – Community volunteering opportunities are encouraged at Draffin Tucker, with financial assistance for dues/fees to assist you in having a positive presence in our community. We believe that together we make a difference.

Revenue Sharing – In addition to normal annual compensation, the firm offers a 5% bonus of the first two years of annual net collections of all new clients in which you are responsible for attracting to our firm.

Travel Bonus – In addition to normal annual compensation, the firm offers an annual travel bonus that averages $3,000 per employee.