Occupational Mix Surveys

Medicare requires the collection of the occupational mix of employees for each acute care hospital every three years. The information is then developed to construct an occupational mix adjustment to the wage index. This process of data collection and analysis can become burdensome with tight deadlines, aligning live payroll data that often times bridges multiple Medicare Cost Reporting periods and applying a blend of Bureau of Labor Statistics and Medicare Wage Index logic to the data.

Draffin & Tucker can help you with every step of the wage index process. This includes compiling all of the relevant data for inclusion on the cost report and occupational mix survey, a detailed analysis of the supporting documentation to ensure data is complete and accurate, and reviewing and requesting corrections to the public use files before the data is used to calculate your payments.

Draffin & Tucker provides consultation, reporting and application assistance related to obtaining and maintaining the facility's tax-exempt status. We work with a number of tax-exempt organizations, healthcare and other nonprofits, regarding many issues related to exempt status, including bond issuances and reporting of unrelated business income. We also provide assistance with completion/review of annual income tax reporting.