Cost Report Reviews

As changing regulations and the fiscal pressures on healthcare facilities continue to increase, providers are continuously evaluating opportunities for enhanced reimbursement. With the complexity of issues impacting Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, the often referred to "reduced importance of cost reports" is exaggerated. Movement to prospective payment systems over the last several years has certainly diminished the factors impacting cost report settlements; however, the current Medicare cost report still has a number of areas with significant reimbursement implications that should be considered.

Data elements reported in the cost report now impact Medicare bad debt reimbursement, Medicare DSH reimbursement, EHR reimbursement and many programs specific to state Medicaid plans, just to name a few factors. Due to time constraints under which cost reports are often prepared, and the impact those constraints can have on complete and accurate as-filed cost reports, we often provide post-filing review to allow for a focused approach to ensure data elements impacting various reimbursement components are appropriately considered.